I’m Famous!

Not really. Not yet at least. But this here article features me a bit. It’s been hard to get good coverage of the housing issues, but I think this article does it quite well. Mad props!

N.Y. Women’s School Offers Gender-Neutral Lesson

And while you’ve got your reading glasses on, read this, it’s important.

Also, this article from Autostraddle addresses a question I brought up earlier, about queer women dating trans men. I think it has some cool revelations, especially in the comment section, but I’m afraid it really leaves out the possibility of queer trans women partners. I’m pretty sure that trans women, queer or not, would overall be excellent partners for this writer, and he doesn’t mention them at all. He seems to assume that all queer women are cisgender, and that’s pretty rough, coming from a trans person.

I’ve been having a couple discussions about how trans women seem to be left out of queer spaces and discussions, especially those dominated by cisgender queer women. This is definitely a space where we need to work towards greater inclusivity. And not only do we need to be more welcoming, but we need to respect the leadership of trans women. That might mean stepping down as leaders ourselves sometimes, supporting, and actively seeking out the leadership of others.

Just some food for thought. Happy Tuesday!

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