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Transgender Day of Remembrance

This Sunday is the Transgender Day of Remembrance. It’s a day when we remember all the community members we’ve lost to violence, injustice, negligence, and hatred directed at trans people. The trans people who took their own lives because of the alienation, fear, abuse, brutality they experienced. The trans people who the police didn’t, wouldn’t protect. Who were denied healthcare, emergency care, the help that they needed. Who were the victims of hate crimes. Who fell through the cracks and were never seen again.

On Friday GendeRevolution will be meeting at the Columbia gates and going down to the Center (208 W 13 Street) for their annual Transgender Day of Remembrance event. Please join us there at 6 o clock (facebook event here).

This is a difficult subject for me to even write about but I am going to try to post more about it in the coming days. In the mean time here is the GLSEN page about what you can do for TGDOR.

Stay strong, everyone.


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The Sex Ed We Need

oh hey congress you see us!

So this would seem not even gender-related, but there’s an awesome and sassily-named sex ed bill in Congress right now, called the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act of 2011. It is totally comprehensive and just epically worded, and check out this gem:

” [the education must] cover a broad range of topics, including medically accurate, complete, age and developmentally appropriate information about all the aspects of sex needed for a complete sex education program, including–…

(v) gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation…”

Look! We are up in there!

I’m so excited. If you are too, you can do a bit of activism and email the representative from your voting area. Do that in an absurdly easy way here. And read the rest of the text of the bill here.

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