Self-Love + Body Acceptance

I want to introduce you all to a knot of awesome blogs that I discovered lately that deal with issues of radical self-love, body acceptance, and fat activism along with issues of gender. I think they’re super inspirational and important. I’ll give you a little summary, and then you can find them in the links section from now on.

glitter attack!

Glitter Politic: This is a project by housemates and radical cuties Ashley and Erin. They say: “Glitter is a beautiful external reflection of the brightest, most powerful light that shines inside each one of us. In a world that makes hating yourself and others so easy and available, embodying a radical politic of glitter is challenging. By doing so, we accept and perpetuate the radical notion that there is enough room for all of us to shine.” It’s adorable and inspirational. And glittery. I really think y’all should check it out.

That’s So Majestic: Erin of Glitter Politic’s personal blog. They describe themself as “a working-class genderqueer who is guided by whim and fancy, but is instead putting too much time and government money into a degree in women’s studies and social justice at the University of Victoria.” I think a lot of us can relate. Check out their sweet social justice reblogs, fat pride, and badass outfit posts.

Deliciously Subversive: This blog is more angsty, but deals with self-acceptance as a trans person with fabulously complex gender things happening. He says “I’m a 20 year old white, fat, trans/gender/queer/femme bear cub boy who prefers “HE” PRONOUNS… blog about social justice, especially in relation to gender, sexuality, race, ability, sex work, and fat positivity.”

Blogging for Brown Gurls: Transmissions from brown gurl and my little pony look-alike who, from what I can gather, lives where it is warm and sunny, sew their own clothes, struts around like no one’s business, and is gifted with epic amounts of hotness. I really think you want this sass and eye candy directly in your brain.

Shine on crazy diamonds!


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