End of semester? Back to work.

Hey kids.

I am so remiss to have let this blog languish over the semester, but I have been engaging a little concept we call self-care, which has sadly meant not keeping up with yet another project. But! The semester is over and I promise I’ll be on this more.

Look forward to:

-A post on safer sex for trans* people

-A blog about self-care (just inspired myself, see above)

-Some dissection of recent news and policy changes

-More international stuff

-Thoughts about intersectionality

…and much more! Also, I take requests. Email transcolumbia@gmail.com, or get me when I post these things on facebook, or comment.

Thank you, everyone who’s been reading and checking back. Don’t think you’re not important to me.

Lastly, a bit of reader appreciation: W commented and told me about a petition to stop an anti-LGBTQ rights bill that was on the table in Russia. Since I hadn’t been checking, the petition already went through, got nearly 250.000 signatures, and (I’m not exactly sure if it is related, but) the bill was not put into law. Read more here. Sorry for missing this, but next time I’ll be on it!


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