Binders 101

Last night I was alerted to this great site about binders. For those of you who don’t know, a binder is pretty much anything someone uses to make their chest look more flat. They can be pretty important for transmasculine people, especially those who want to be read as men (on the street for instance), and just for their self-image.  But all manner of people wear them. For example, they are popular among cis lesbian women.

not this kind of binder

This site is a great resource for people who have questions about binders–you can ask them for advice, or read through the site to see what they’ve said to other people who have asked them things. They have links to sites where you can buy binders, and I believe they are collecting reviews on binders from them.

there you go

Having resources like this is really important because there is some controversy about binding–if done incorrectly, it can have some pretty nasty consequences (you can read about it here). Binders aren’t the cheapest breast-holding devices out there, but if you can find something that other people can vouch for, it’ll probably end up being cheaper than a doctor’s bill.


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