Nice, California!

A couple of supersweet family members of mine alerted me to some great legislation being passed on the sunny side of America.

Two bills, the The Vital Statistics Modernization Act and the Gender Nondiscrimination Act, were signed into law by the governor yesterday. The first “streamlines the current process for trans people to receive a new birth certificate (or other identifying documentation) that reflects their current gender. Trans people must only provide medical documentation from an attending physician to prove that they have undergone ‘clinically appropriate treatment.'” Hopefully, under the new Standards of Care, this might mean none at all? Fingers crossed, everybody.

The second “bulks up employment, housing and other civil rights protections for all Californians, but especially for trans people.”

I’m really excited about this, not just because it means better lives for a lot of our friends out west, but also because it means that these important measures aren’t being lost in the very loud and very shiny battle for gay marriage.



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