Standards of Care

Finally, some good news!

This fab article from Autostraddle documents their trans* correspondents’ experience with the Standards of Care, unofficial guidelines that doctors have been following since the 70’s as if it were the Bible of trans* care. Unfortunately, it pathologized trans* people, set doctors up as gatekeepers to medical transition, made access to care even more prohibitively expensive, and completely excluded gender non-conforming and queer trans* people.

It doesn’t get updated very often, and so the 6th version, released in 2001, still had all of these problems. I was feeling pretty sad at the middle of this article, when it did a 180 and told me that the 7th version of Standards of Care came out, and it’s much improved!

Now it’s called “The Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People,” moves away from talking about pathologization, doesn’t suggest huge, expensive tracts of therapy or unrealistic time “passing” as, um, the gender you really are. Instead it stresses the responsibilities of health providers and informed consent.

Nothing like  bit of trans*-friendly good news over coffee. What a way to start your day!



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