No Good, Very Bad News

A blogger on this site, WordPress, has published a list of trans*women’s information along with extremely transphobic drivel, all because they have a problem with trans women coming to the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. Now, I had seen Bevin, the Queer Fat Femme, wearing a “trans women belong here” t-shirt, and I knew there was a controversy (which is unfortunate in itself) but I had no idea it reached this level of ugliness.

The issue here is not only that these women, who are in a very vulnerable state as it is (violence against trans women is extremely common), but WordPress has refused to do anything about it.

I heard about this from Violet Blue (NSFW), but the person who has taken the lead in backlash against this is labelle77:

“Everyone who has made a report to WordPress received a single paragraph canned reply that states:

“ is in no position to arbitrate disputes or make judgment on such claims. As per, please provide us with a Court Order including a court’s decision regarding this particular content; if any content is found to be defamatory or illegal by a court of law, it will be removed immediately from our service. Any court order, should you obtain one, must be sent to the following e-mail

Even more than I was outraged at the blogger herself, I’m outraged at WordPress. Absolutely they have the ability and the RESPONSIBILITY to enforce their terms of service. Absolutely they can tell a blogger she must remove photos used without permission. Absolutely they can insist that a blogger cannot out members of a vulnerable minority without consent. They DO NOT have to wait for a court of law to enforce their own Terms of Service.”

Oh sure WordPress. We’ll just go to court. Not to mention that trans* people have a much harder time making money at all, many are involved in survival sex, and even if we had that kinda money, we don’t trust the legal system for the most part, cause it constantly screws us over. No big.

I want to make a couple points about this. Firstly, this is why we need to do this work. This community is still appallingly marginalized, and here’s just another piece of evidence. Keep up the good work of tolerance, bravery, education, rage, and activism–whatever you can do, we need it.

Secondly, I think I would like to get this site off WordPress. If they don’t enforce their terms and conditions, what’s the point? I was hoping perhaps that we could get our own domain name. What do you guys think? Also, does anyone know anything about website design? I know y’all aren’t big commenters, but I really want to know your opinions.

In other news, this article was really cute and made me think about dogs and geckos. And also privilege.


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