Hi, Justin Vivian Bond.

Okay everybody. It’s fanboi time. I was doing me a little bit of research about a fine individual named Justin Vivian Bond, rather well known for a fabulous performance in Shortbus. I went to the bio section of this human’s webpage and found an incredible articulation of non-binary trans identity, as well as some innovative ideas for gender-neutral pronouns and titles.

Justin Vivian Bond takes the pronoun v. Thank goodness I got that out of the way because now I can use pronouns for v for the rest of this post. I really like the idea of everyone having their own individual pronoun, that perhaps you learn upon meeting them. I suppose it is logistically a bit difficult, but we’re all very clever mammals and I think we could handle it. Also, I think it’s difficult to have to manage the way we’re gendered every two seconds by our language, so I would happily make the extra effort.

Also, v uses mx. instead of ms./mrs./mr. I think it’s clear why these binary titles are unsatisfactory–cause they’re binary, obvs, and also, in my opinion, outright sexist. V points out that mx. denotes ‘mix’ (I think that’s how I’d pronounce it, too) and doesn’t imply any particular gender. I myself find it rather satisfactory.

Also, v just does a fabulous job talking about the discontents of being a non-binary-identified trans* person. And v gives a shoutout to Columbia! Read it.

Mx. Bond is going to be performing at the unfortunately named but fortunately awesome Knock knock Who’s there 9/11 9/11 Who? You said you’d never forget! at the Highline Ballroom on Sunday. I will be there, and I’d love to see you too!


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