Speech Training

Here’s a little transition tidbit for all of you out there: an article on speech training for MAAB women who are transitioning. As some of you may know, while hormone replacement with testosterone does cause voice changes, HRT with estrogen doesn’t. So some women may want to intentionally speak in a way that will be read as that of a woman’s. Apparently, this depends on a few factors. The article says:

Men speak in monotones, using volume instead of pitch to emphasize different syllables, with their heads perpendicular to their shoulders, while women tilt and move their heads and speak in rising and falling pitches. Male voices originate in the chest, female voices in the throat.”

Also, the pitch range is different, being on average 210-220 Hertz for women, and 110-120 for men. The gender-neutral range is 145-165. I think it’s worth noting that these are for cisgender people, and so I say, if a transwoman has a voice pitch of 11o Hertz, then that is well within the range of a voice a woman may have. On the other hand, being read as cisgender is an important survival tool for trans* people, and also is a legitimate desire. I’m just saying, this is a complicated issue.

I bet this training is pretty expensive, but if you read the article you could probably pick up a trick or two for yourself.


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