No Boys Allowed

Right now I have the worst insomnia. Transomnia? Anyway, having spent all night on tumblr, I found this cute video. I think it brings up some interesting issues.

I feel like these sorts of situations are just so fraught. On the one hand, it’s unacceptable that people have to lose their whole communities when they transition. It’s especially hurtful when it comes from a community that prides itself on recognizing discrimination and respecting difference. On the other hand, in defense of lesbians who may not be interested in partnering with trans men, they may feel that they would be transphobic if they do pursue partnerships with trans men, and I have heard people criticizing lesbians for doing so, with people asserting that they don’t respect trans men’s genders, etc. I think it’s important to remember that people’s genders need to be respected in the way they want them respected, even if it isn’t the norm. So if this cutie above, Max, wants to partner with lesbian women, and he communicates that and is met with interest, what is disrespectful about that? Also, I think it’s important to let people remain innocent until proven guilty. It is very possible that it isn’t a case of transphobia, given that those selfsame women might very well partner with trans women. Some ladies honestly don’t like boys, trans or cis. This is especially likely if they specifically identify as a woman who only likes women, and not bisexual or queer or pansexual.

All in all, I think it’s something of a quandary. My advice is to communicate as well as you can. Ask questions, listen, and make your intentions known, via ukelele or any other means.

P.S. This boy is such a fierce ukelele player. Mad respect!



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