While we’re on a butch kick…

I found this superfab blog. It’s full of cuties and also addresses the need for fat, queer and masculine visibility. I think that the fat queer women are often praised in terms of “voluptuousness” or with unfortunate assertions that they look like “real women,” while masculine queer women/females/gynoids* are often expected to be a certain brand of thin androgyne. This site has some supersexy illustrations to counterbalance that norm.

*Gynoid is a term me and my girl made up saw on Wikipedia and immediately reappropriated to describe a person that looks like someone who would be female assigned at birth. It also acknowledges that you can’t really know such a thing till the person tells you, and that such appearances don’t indicate anything about the way a person actually identifies.

**I don’t want to trivialize the fact that femmes, and in fact everybody, also feel overwhelming pressure to look thin. I’m just saying that within the queer blogosphere, I’m happy to see a little balance.


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