Weekend Happenings


So the weekend is upon us, and if you’re in New York City, I bet you’re wondering what to do this weekend, given that Bluestockings is closed (also, where am I gonna get my condoms?!?). Well, fret no more, ’cause I have some ideas for you.


Kinky Party:  Switch is a kinky party at Paddles, NYC’s one and only BDSM club. Switch is for women and transpeople only, held in a safe space in one part of the club and watched over by helpful and benevolent dungeonmasters. Also, they have free STD testing! 10:30, $10. 18+. Paddles, 250 W 26th St.


Activism: Over at our very own Barnard College, the Window Sex Project is holding a workshop to end street harassment, which you probably know is a HUGE issue for the trans community. The workshop is community-based and totally awesome. If you hurry, I think you can still get tickets. 10am, $10 for non-Harlem residents, free for Harlem residents.

Burlesque: At the Slipper Room, we have Mr. Choades Wild Ride. Burlesque is a genre where gender is very fluid. I have heard a lot of cisgender woman burlesque performers call themselves “female drag queens.” I even heard a story where the audience doesn’t believe the performer is really a cisgender woman, and not someone MAAB, even after all her clothes are off! It really brings gender performativity to center-stage. Also, drag is often a big element. I’m not sure about this particular show, but you can go and find out for yourself. Here‘s the website. 9:30, $10, 21+. The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard Street.

Unfortunately, that’s all I could find for ya. Next time, I’m gonna post this on Wednesday, because as we all know, the weekends really start on Thursday, and I missed a ton of events. My bad folks!

And about the free condoms, here‘s a list of all the places you can get them.

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