Llueven Queers!

Hi everyone! If you’re still coming back (which it seems a lot of you are!) I’d like to thank you very much. You are clearly awesome.

Today I’d like to share with you a book that I think y’all should check out, especially if you can read Spanish. The book is called Llueven Queers. It’s a spanish-language collection of comics and illustrations by international badass of mystery, Coco Riot. Here’s their bio from their website:

Coco Riot: Vivo en Canada, un pais helado y con bosques infinitos. Tengo una bici blanca y un perro gris. Me gusta ver pasar los trenes y que los copos de nieve creen mantas de silencio. Soy feliz con cada rotulador nuevo. Tengo miedo de los osos, de los aviones y de los ataques de ansiedad. Viajar viaja viajar. Aprender siempre.

My amateur translation: I live in Canada, a cold country full of infinite forests. I have a white bike and a grey dog. I like to watch trains pass and when snowflakes create blankets of silence. I am happy with each new felt marker. I’m afraid of bears, planes, and anxiety attacks. I travel travel travel. And I learn constantly.

well helloooo

Cute, right? Coco writes about growing up queer (gender and otherwise) in post-Franco Spain, their time in the okupa (squatting) community, and relocating to Montreal. Also covered are such topics as bathroom trouble (gender-related, that is), polyamory, and winter blues.

The book is mostly in Spanish, with a sprinkling of French and English.

Not yet convinced that this book is relevant to your interests? Well, it contains some of the most honest and straightforward descriptions of genderqueer identity and experience that I’ve ever read. Also, it introduced me to the joys of the *, which can be used in Spanish (and sometimes English, see site name) as an alternative to gendered endings.

It’s available at Bluestockings, and also, if you want to borrow it from me, hit me up!


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