Much love + Dresden Dolls

Wow folks! So many page hits in one day! Thanks for all the love. Please keep coming, and again, I’m looking for other contributors. I want this to be a group effort, and diverse voices are really important. You can’t count on little ol’ me to represent the beautiful rainbow of genders on Columbia campus (plus I say terrible things like that).

Anyway, for the time being, I’ll keep blabbing. I want to share with you all this wonderful video by the Dresden Dolls. They have this old-school glam aesthetic and deal with queer topics all the time. The video features really fabulous genderfuck and sexiness. Plus this song is a total jam.

It occurs to me this this might be mildly NSFW. And without further ado…

Gosh I love this band. Also, the first girl I ever loved introduced me to them, so it kinda has a special place in my heart. Just a little personal tidbit.

¡Hasta mañana, chic*s!



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3 responses to “Much love + Dresden Dolls

  1. Pretty sure that I saw a picture of the Dresden Dolls when they were first getting popular and realized I was hella into both of them. In the gay sort of way.

  2. Robin

    legit video + song + costuming, but I have to ask, was this done before or after The Dark Knight? The make up keeps reminding me of the Joker, if he’d(?) been attractive that is

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